Acting class with David Lipper – the Chubbuck technique

Starting mid September David Lipper, the canadian actor, will be the trainer of the Ivana Chubbuck technique in Romania. Names like Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt, Halle Berry appear on a simple Google search of Ivana. So it has to be a big deal and we`re about to find out.

David Lipper – a canadian actor with romanian roots

I checked him up, didn`t we all? David was born in Montreal, but he is very proud about his romanian origins – his grandmother was from Radauti, Bucovina. From what i`ve read, he started his career as an actor in Los Angeles and played in various movies with actors like Nicolas Cage, Tiffani Thiessen, Patrick Duffy and others. We did see him on the screen.

I did appreciate during the class his ability to change from one person to another, from expressing a feeling towards expressing a totally different one. TV people usually have this amazing acting skill that makes you wonder who are they really when they are all alone.

The Power of the Actor – bestseller by Ivana Chubbuck

Ivana Chubbuck wrote a bestseller named The Power of the Actor, which i am going to read this week since i`ll need all that information at my next class. As far as i`ve read, i realized the main point of interest is actually the reader`s personal experience. I believe that is the actual power of an actor and the secret is the way you use that power in front of the audience.

Previous experience – almost zero

I`ve had a very brief experience with acting when i was younger, i used to be a model and after a tv reporter, but i never had actual lines and a script to follow. I never tried acting before even though i`ve had many failed attempts to study it in USA. So when i heard about these classes, i thought why not?

And still. WHY would you do it?

I have a problem. I am afraid of public speaking, i even have panick attacks. Most of us are, there is even a study about the fact that people fear death less than public speaking. It is scary to be the center of attention. I am good with words because i am terrible at being present – now and here. Writing gives you time, gives you the possibility to change what you don`t like. Being and acting do not. You cannot say something and after take it back. You have to own and handle your person.

I never faced my problem. It got me in trouble at interviews, it got me in trouble in school and it got me in trouble in life. Also in my job. Talking is not my thing. So i am willing now to overcome my fears and to become who i want to be.

First Class

I got there, always so awkward when you don`t know anyone so i said to myself just do what you always do – you go to the only face you know – the staff. In my case, the only face i knew was Alin who handled me the book we talked about earlier. I used the little time i had before the workshop started to read few pages. It got to me, but i had also to check my collegues. I`ve noticed half of them are young, but half are willing. So it`s true what they say, age is not a factor, neither is your background.

During the workshop, we laughed, we cried and we made fun of ourselves. David got from all of us our deepest shames, our secrets. Those things you would never give a voice to because then all of them would become reality and the truth would become unbearable. Which in fact, did not. Perhaps you will become relieved because you will hold the power over it not the other way around.

While you act, you surround yourself with a bubble, apart from the world with the sole purpose to captivate, to make your bubble the actual reality. If you manage to make the audience feel that way, then you succeded as an actor. Make the audience see more than some people talking.

Is it worth it? 

I think it depends on who`s asking. It depends on how much effort are you interested to put in.  Early to say it, but i`ll keep you updated.  I`ll publish next post about it probably after 2 more classes.



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