What to expect when your girlfriend turns into a blogger?

Complicated, right? She was this normal girl until this happened. Probably you didn`t even know what is a blog. Neither did she.

But it is mostly like having a baby. Lots of attention for the baby, zero for you. Lots of words for the baby, still zero for you. She`s cheating on you with a blog. Who does that?

If you`re reading this, you totally know the feeling.

Expect very long hours in front of a laptop

That`s a thing. She will not eat, sleep or go to toillete. If she`s passionate. That laptop will just suck her in. Expect to sleep alone all night, freezing, while she`s doing seo tests and looking for keywords. Also expect to wake up alone or to wake up early just because she`s coming to sleep and wakes you up.

Expect not so good investments

At least not for you. It`s not like you really needed hosting, domains or a camera. And trust me, she`ll not stop there. If she`s a shopper too, you better move your ass to work.

Cause you just can`t blog on a short budget – at least not the next few years. It takes some time to win something, until then you just lose something (like your hard earned money).

Expect to become a professional photographer

Someone`s gotta do it. And it will be you, make no mistake. You know how girls are, right? Sensitive and weak … You`re the man of the family. You do it!

Besides, how is she going to understand all those camera buttons? It`s definetly a men`s thing.

Expect to become the housewife

And i don`t mean expect to stay home. You remeber those things you used to do together? Just expect to do the things around the house – like cooking, cleaning, laundry and so on. You still have to bring the money too.

Expect to act like you are living with a superstar

She`ll behave like one. You`ll take pictures of her pretty much everywhere while people are looking at you, all your friends will be asking stuffs about her and forget that you even exist and you will become her personal assistant, her chef, her everything. All for the princess.

Yo, what do i do?

Dude, i already told you in the beginning. It`s complicated. But let`s be honest, you didn`t even try to help her. Perhaps if you did, she wouldn`t spend so much time on it.

Give her some of your knowledge when she`s stuck, give her titles, keywords, whatever she need.

If you have some ideas, don`t be shy, share it with us here. I`m pretty sure my boyfriend will appreciate.


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