Why can`t you do it Romania?

I dont do politics, i don`t mess with higher power, but still

Why can`t you do it Romania?

We`re on the touristic map, we`re a “You gotta do it!” experience. We got the money, we are a country of interest on the international market and important chains are opening hotels often in our country.

Foreigners come for the beauty of these lands, so many that we might soon need another airport. That`s another something we need to talk about.

What are you waiting for Romania?

Odds are in our favour and in 2018 we do not have the most needed infrastructure, we do not have subway at the airport and the taxi drivers became petty thieves for an extra penny.

C`mon, how is that we don`t even have highways while Europa has just so many? It just takes you so long to fix all the small things, if you need a role model – look at Bulgaria.

Our seaside used to be a pearl and our moutains are just a place to which you cannot even drive.

We have the prettiest capital – full of landmarks, great nightlife and the most unique authenticity. We even have our own Old Town. There you see daily entrepreneurs trying to keep up with any other european big city`s standards.

But …

Bucharest is full of bushes, all buildings looking so abandoned, yet we`re building the biggest church, are`t you guys funny?

What are you guys doing up there?

Have some mercy on your people, on your both workers and employers. We`re doing our best right here and your only interest is to push us into Europe.

Hoteliers are badly trying, but you guys are taking all the money – remember that city tax – by the way what are you doing with that?

We`re losing patience, Romania. You are losing money

Since we`re paying it, why don`t you guys start using it? Go out there and at least promote it. It can`t be that hard.

Just think of it like a huge place which only need a little bit of management. If not that, at least serve some good marketing cuz people want to hear about it. They want to know what is the real deal here – they want to come – they want to see it.

Last and most important – those who`ve seen it expected the worst and yet – LIKED IT.

If you do it just for the money, just imagine how much more money could you get. Help us a little, those who want to do more. And we`ll deliver our end of the deal. We`re happy to work just out of passion – we`re looking for a different kind of reward, because in this business it is all about happy faces. But we still need the faces.

Help us open more jobs – also help youth study a little bit more. Help us feel less like we`re children believing in Santa Claus.


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