Why blogging is like Valentine`s Day all year round?

Mostly because we write “love poems” (aka posts) to our readers pretty much all the time. And we do it without expecting anything in return (some of us at least).

We share our knowledge, our thoughts and our love out there for people and we are happy enough if just one person reads it. Even if it is a relative – it makes us willing to share more. While for some blogging is a business, for others is just that … a love poem to the world.

I do it because it makes me feel better knowing that i can help others, i can change things. Even if most of the times i don`t. I get that feeling that blogs are not usual mediablogs are personal, belonging to the mundane. Regular people out there are ready to say things just the way they perceive it. They offer guidance based one what both bloggers and readers believe. Just one Google search away.

Governments and media are trying to manipulate us, to hide things from us. Products are marketed in a way that does not really show how good or healthy they are. Regular people like you and me have no access to water. Corporations around the world are getting more and more rich. With such landscape are we ready to avoid the monopoly? I guess not. But no one is stopping us from trying to be our better selves.

Just imagine how hard it must be to be a new mom. Or how frustrating is the lack of knowledge when looking for a job. Is anyone out there wishing to be his/hers own boss? Or anyone who wants to buy a new laptop but has no idea which one is better? When was the last time you went on a trip on a low budget? Are you thinking about having your own blog?

There it is. People need bloggers. And it is exactly that need that makes bloggers write. And they type out of love … all year round.


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